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360-To-HTML Webapp will be multilingual

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Today on November 30th, 2020, 360-to-HTML is celebrating its 2nd anniversary. I started in 2018 with the Classic version. In the beginning, the software was just a project to make my own 360-degree images suitable for the web.

In the meantime, 360-To-HTML Classic is used by many private individuals, architects, and web designers to publish 360-degree images on websites. The version of our image converter, available under the name 360-To-HTML Classic, only works on Windows devices and requires knowledge of how to handle HTML elements and FTP. In the 2nd quarter of 2020, I decided to program a web version for the 360-degree image converter and have arrived at the last tasks. The web app will run on any modern device, no FTP knowledge is required and all images can easily be linked via my server. 360-To-HTML will also be available in German and English to make it more accessible to German-speaking users (the Classic version is only available in English). The first version will go live this year (December 2020) and will be available for selected test users.